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Boost Your Online Presence & Sales: Want To Learn How Today? 



Elevate Your Business Brand With Video Case Study Documentaries And Capture Your Market In 90 Days Without Burning Out On Social Media.

Magnetic Marketing: Unleashing the Power of Storytelling & Video:

“Discover the secret weapon of the marketing world: A lethal combination of documentary storytelling and video seo marketing designed to pull your customers in and never let go. This is attraction marketing on steroids, and it’s about to change your business forever.”

Video Case Studies & Word of Mouth: Your New Sales Army:

“Enough with the boring, ineffective traditional marketing campaigns. It’s time to show the world what you’ve got. We’re creating proof of concept and media-driven case studies that turn your customers into a raving sales force, spreading the word and driving sales through the roof.”

Command Attention: Make Your Brand Unforgettable:

“In a world full of distractions, we’re the masters of the spotlight. Products, services, events—whatever you’ve got, we make sure it’s the center of attention with the power of business documentaries & reality television online. Your brand, elevated to celebrity status. Are you ready to be unforgettable?”

How Our Process Works:

01) Zeroing In on the Goldmine:

"We’re not just here to do business; we’re here to find you the goldmine—customers who are eagerly searching for exactly what you offer. Using advanced analytics and market research, we identify individuals who are not just interested, but are in urgent need of your products or services. We look at purchasing behaviors, interests, and demographics to ensure we’re targeting the right audience."

02) Flash Your Best Cards:

"Your success stories and top offers are your biggest assets, and we want to showcase them to the world. Share with us your most impressive transformations and deals, and we’ll create/document compelling narratives around them. This is your chance to shine and demonstrate the tangible impact of your products or services on real people’s lives."

03) Unleashing a Viral Sensation:

"With a combination of creativity and strategic planning, we’re ready to turn your case studies and success story content into attraction magnets. Utilizing a mix of social media, email marketing, and content platforms, we distribute your story far and wide. Remember the ice bucket challenge? That’s the level of viral we’re aiming for—content that grabs attention and spreads like wildfire."

04) Turning Browsers into Believers:

"We don’t just attract new prospects; we convert them into loyal fans and customers. Through educational content, engaging storytelling, and a touch of entertainment, we transform casual browsers into believers in your brand. Think of it as turning window shoppers into raving fans who keep coming back for more."

05) Setting Your Brand on Autopilot:

"Imagine having a viral video marketing machine that works around the clock, even while you sleep. That’s what we offer. We set up automated marketing funnels that nurture leads, drive sales, and grow your community influence consistently. Every 90 days, we launch a new Video Marketing Campaign, ensuring that your brand’s presence is always expanding and evolving."

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Analytics and Reporting:

Dive deep into your brand’s performance with our tailored analytics, designed to unveil the unique digital landscape of your market, no matter where you are.

Content Creation and Strategy:

Craft a narrative as unique as your brand, with content strategies and creations that resonate deeply within diverse cultures and markets.

Copywriting, Scriptwriting and Case Studies:

Elevate your brand’s story with compelling case studies and persuasive copy, showcasing the triumphant tales of businesses and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Video SEO:

Ascend the search engine ranks and amplify your visibility, wherever your market may be, with our expertly tailored SEO and Video SEO services.

Local AI & Social Media Video Series Management:

Connect, engage, and build a community around your brand, utilizing our cutting-edge Local AI and strategic social media video series management to reach audiences far and wide.

One Page Media-Driven Design:

Designing single-page websites or landing pages with a clear and concise message. Optimizing layout and content to encourage user actions or conversions.


Animation & Motion Graphics:

Creating animated videos for marketing purposes, adding motion graphics and visual effects to videos.

Full-service animation and explainer video production in Las Vegas & Los Angeles based studios.

Video Editing:

Editing and enhancing video footage to create professional and engaging videos. Incorporating effects, transitions, and audio elements for a polished final product.

Video Marketing:

Promoting products, services, or content through video-based marketing campaigns. Leveraging the power of video to connect with and inform the target audience.

Full-Service Video Production, Television, Film & Documentary Productions:

Managing the entire process of creating video content, from conceptualization to shooting and editing. Ensuring high-quality video production for marketing or entertainment purposes.


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I Know You Want To Know How Much, It Depends On The Campaigns.

Give Us A Call & We Can Work Something Out,

All Campaigns Are Now Created Equal.  

I Do Give Away Advice For Free.

Here are a few ballpark figures for video marketing & pr media campaigns.

The Basic Package: is where we start most of the businesses in the first month collaborating with you to see what method will best fit your business brand.

Basic Video Release Package: $100-$500 per project

Event Campaigns: $500 per launch

Media-Driven Case Study Campaigns: $100-$500

Short Form Business Documentary Series: $1000-$10k

Packages below are discussed after implementing The Basic Package or Basic Methods.

The Starter Package is great for small businesses or startups looking to establish their online presence.

Starter Package: $1,500/month

Basic Analytics and Reporting

Content Strategy Consultation (Monthly)

2 Blog Posts or Articles per Month

1 Short Promotional Video per Month

Basic SEO Optimization

Email Support

The Professional Package offers more frequent content and additional services like social media management, suitable for growing businesses.

Professional Package: $3,000/month

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Content Strategy Consultation (Bi-Weekly)

4 Blog Posts or Articles per Month

2 Short Promotional Videos per Month

Advanced SEO Optimization

Social Media Management (2 Platforms)

Phone and Email Support

The Premium Package provides a full suite of services including business case study design, ideal for businesses looking to maximize their online impact and storytelling capabilities.

Premium Package: $5,000/month

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

Weekly Content Strategy Consultation

8 Blog Posts or Articles per Month

4 Short Promotional Videos per Month

Premium SEO Optimization

Social Media Management (4 Platforms)

Business Case Study Design (1 per Month)

Priority Phone and Email Support

Each package is designed to cater to different needs and budgets, providing a range of services from basic to comprehensive.





With over three decades of invaluable experience in the dynamic realms of film, television, internet marketing, and new media, Johnie Tidwell stands at the forefront of creative innovation in the local small business and corporate landscape.


Johnie's journey is one of crafting compelling narratives, leveraging documentary and reality show expertise to weave authentic business tales. These captivating stories serve as magnets, effortlessly drawing fresh, eager clients and cultivating a devoted community of brand enthusiasts.


At the heart of Johnie's mission is transforming your brand's essence into a visual language that resonates with your target market. In a world teeming with competition, Johnie's unique approach ensures your brand not only captures the market but also forges lasting connections that withstand the test of time.

Unlock the power of storytelling and media marketing with Johnie Tidwell, and watch your brand soar above the rest.

Testimonial Rewiews

A Few Words From Our Wonderful Clients Over The Years

DenisseMarie.com, Growth Strategist

"Johnie is so much fun to work with! He is really knowledgeable and very creative. He is great at listening to your needs and wants and executing them. I highly recommend anyone that is looking for great video production services to hire Johnie. I have and will continue to outsource my video marketing services on behalf of my clients to him."

Denisse Marie

Las Vegas, Nevada

Faith & Team, Urban Nest Realty

"Johnie has great communication! He had an awesome idea to do a quick intro video of our business logo that can be spliced into other shorts we make. It came out perfect. We weren't expecting it to be that simple. Fast and totally worth it! Thanks Johnie for making it easy and of course beautiful!"

Faith Harmer

Las Vegas, Nevada

Ann Patinio, Modern View LLC 

"Johnie is a very dedicated, efficient, and great at what he does. He wears many hats and is not afraid of hard work. He is creative and genuine - An Expert in his field. He has helped me develop on a Viral Blogging system to expand my repertoire. I would recommend Johnie for any project in his field. He is an asset."

Ann Patinio

Honolulu, Hawaii

"Empowering Entrepreneurs, Igniting Brands, And Fueling Small Businesses

– One Impactful Video Case Study Campaign At A Time, Achieved In Just 90 Days!"

Johnie Lewis Tidwell, Jr. | 90 Day Video Marketing Agency

Text or Call 818.209.3281 | 702.900.8531